Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sam McCain

It's been two months since Sam McCain passed away on Peaks Island. I, and many many others, considered Sam a friend and an Island institution. Sam was a retired Episcopal minister who served his church in Kauai, Hawaii, New Hampshire and Maine. Peaks Island was so fortunate to be able to share in his life. It took him a very long time to get home from the boat since he absolutely stopped and talked with everyone he met. Even when his vision was failing he still had a wave and kind hello from his scooter.

Sam was a rarity in today's world; he was an individual of committment. Too often today, positions and views are altered on a dime in order to gain some small tactical short-term political advantage. Sam's views never waivered. Shortly before his death he managed to get off a letter to President Bush admonishing him on not doing more for the homeless. His last task was to sit on a committee which accepted applications for financial assistance with property taxes. No one would ever question the outcome of a decision he made.

Thanks Sam. I'm glad I knew you. Rest in peace.


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