Friday, April 21, 2006

Spring has Sprung!

What a beautiful early Spring day on Peaks Island. The forsythia are just entering full bloom, the grass is greening up by the minute and the bikes----many bikes----too many bikes have descended on us.

This was a school vacation week and all week long day trippers have been arriving on each boat with young people in tow pushing their bikes off the boat onto the Island in search of something to do. It's been a week which has kind of kicked off spring training for the Islanders for the full force of "silly season". While it's not here yet, you can absolutely sense it in the air. Many people buzzing around the Bay Lines trying to figure out how many tickets to buy, where to get on the boat, what to see on Peaks and above all else how do I get back and when????? The questions seem endless, pointless and often senseless but on they flow.

Yet, today coming home on the 2:15 boat there was a wonderful man with a slightly southern accent with two obvious grandkids riding with him. Two beautiful girls about the age of 7 and 4 were taking their very first boat ride on the ocean. It turns out they were all from West Virginia and it was the first time any of them had ever seen an ocean. I'm not sure who's nose was pressed more closely against the window but none of them missed anything; especially the landing. They were all duly impressed with the throwing of the lines to tie up the boat. I last saw them strolling up Welch Street with their heads on swivels taking everything in. I sure hope they enjoyed their walk around Peaks Island "downfront" as much as I enjoyed watching them. Happy Spring everyone.


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