Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring Sunset

Just another beautiful sunset on Peaks Island. Captured this shot from the stern of the Island Romance coming home on the 7:15 from intown. It takes a combination of different elements to make something special and tonight they were all in place. In the Pacific when the sun sets there's that magic moment of a green explosion you see from time to time as the sun sinks below the horizen. Here on Peaks, it's slower and more subtle. If the clouds are right, the air is cool and clear and you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you find yourself in the middle of something special.

First, you sense something might be happening as the sun moves toward setting. It's bright, it's rays take up a lot of space in the sky and the clouds are formed just right above the horizon. Then, as the sun sinks, the afterglow starts to slowly spread upward and cover more and more of the horizen. The last step only lasts for a few minutes but a slow gentle explosion of color forms above the horizen enveloping the clouds and just flat out glows for a few minutes before its ultimate dimming into darkness.

The stern of the boat coming into Peaks was definitely a little fuller than normal tonight as everyone wanted to just watch the show with not a lot of talking going on. Just watching and meditating over something a little better than usual. It was enjoyable watching a lot of Islanders crawling up Welch street walking backwards taking in the show snapping away with their cellphones. Unfortunately, my hands were full lugging stuff as I was walking up the hill so my camera didn't capture the afterglow, only the preglow but it was still something a little special for an early Spring night. Enjoy, I sure did.


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