Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Family Reunion on Peaks Island

It's been too long since our eldest son Sean has been on Peaks Island. As a graduate of the Peaks Island Elementary, King Middle and Portland High School class of 1989, he followed a path similar to many island kids. He grew up on Peaks. He's been living in Boulder, CO since the mid '90's and now considers it home. Yet, the call of Peaks still runs strong since as the old saying goes, once you've slept on an island .........., well, you know the rest.

Sean's been with us the past couple of weeks for a wonderful visit both for us and for him. He definitely needed the rest and recouping time Peaks can offer in its own unique way. He's managed to see some old friends, catch us up on what he's been doing professionally with his art work and socially with his significant other, Monika. Life is good for Sean right now but extremely hectic; welcome to the world of adulthood Sean.

We Tiffanys, be it the east coast or the Hawaiian branch, seem to follow similar patterns. Whenever something good or not good happens, someone special arrives or departs or for just time together, we go out to eat!! With Sean in town, we've managed to spend quite a bit of time "eating out" and spending good times just being with each other. Today, Sean departs for Boulder and he will be missed much by us but greeted so very warmly by Monika. Here's just a few pics of his presence; enjoy a peek at our family world.


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