Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Return of the Lupin to Peaks Island

Welcome to the world of purple on Peaks Island. Late Spring always brings forth a favorite color of this season. While the lupin's have various shades of colors, my favorite has always been the deep purples. Caught in the right light of a fading sunset, they are stunning. A few years ago, I dug some up from our front bank and plunked them down in various beds around the house. Amazingly, they are continually spreading and each year offer more and more of their wonderful colors to the environment.

We're in the midst of a few days of rain right now so their colors are brighter and deeper than normal. In about a week they'll fade away but like the Fall leaves, they're a welcome sight each and every Spring even if only for a few days. Soon other colors will take their place midst the greens of Summer but for too brief a time their purple hues rule. Enjoy some pics I captured last night of this particular season of color.


Blogger Life of a Diva... and Kick-Ass Chic! said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy Fathers Day! I'm sorry, I sent your card a little late, so you'll probably get the card on Monday or Tuesday.

But I hope its great all the same!

6/21/2009 8:29 PM  

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