Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome to the 4th!

There is nothing like the 4th of July weekend on Peaks Island-nothing. The folks pile on the boats with bikes, kyaks, kids hanging out the windows and they all wash ashore on our little island. Just remember, our little island has about 900 year round residents counting all kids, dogs and cats and a couple of pigs and even a rooster. On this one weekend of the year, we approach the 5,000 mark! Can one spell Zoo??? Well, we have one this weekend.

This morning Jill went down front to sit outside Hannigan's Market to sell some of Sean's designed t-shirts on behalf of the Island Health Center. I roamed down later in the morning to see if the island was still holding together--or not. Brad's Bikes were in full swing, the Who Let Out the Dogs Hot Dog wagon was cookin', the ice cream was flowing and the touristas were definitely out and about. Looking for something to do, buy, eat or just sit and watch, the island was definitely on the move this morning. Here's some pictures of what Peaks looks like on the Saturday morning of the busiest weekend of the year. Enjoy.


Blogger sean said...

I want to see some photos of those awesome t0shirts! How did they turn out?

7/01/2007 3:33 AM  

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