Thursday, April 05, 2007

Welcome to Opening Day!!

The Red Sox AA affiliate, the Portland Sea Dogs, have their Opening Day game set for 4pm today at Hadlock Field in Portland. OOOOPS, not so fast said ol' Mother Nature. Nothing like 6-10" of fresh, wet, heavy snow last night to put a bit of a damper on man's best and well intentioned plans. Looks like we'll have to settle on watching the Sox play in Kansas City this afternoon followed by the opening round of the Masters Golf Tournament followed by the UMaine hockey team's Final Four game. So many things, so little time!!

While beautiful, it was a really heavy, wet snow so many limbs came down taking some power lines along with it. On our part of Peaks, we lost power for about eight hours. The worst part of it meant my first coffee of the morning was not exactly steaming. Lisa from the coffee shop had nothing to do so she drove the newspapers around and helped deliver them with her mother honkin' huge V-8, high bodied mega truck. Maybe, we can't have coffee but we got our newspaper!! Around 10:30 am, the power returned after a couple of fits and starts so the mad dash was on to get a hot pot of coffee and a hot breakfast made. After that was done, anything else the day could throw at us was insignificant; we were good to go!! Enjoy the pictures of an early Easter winter wonderland. The last one is for luck. I stole it from the daughter of my cousin who is a complete Sox fanatic. She's just returned to her home in Atlanta from Opening Day in Kansas City; now, that's a true Red Sox Nation devotee. In 48 hours, we'll be down to mud and deep into the Masters and the Sox; Spring is definitely good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Sox, Go Seadogs!!!!


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