Friday, April 13, 2007

Paging Mr. Gore, Paging Mr. Gore!!

Enough already; who did we poor New Englanders tick off this time????? It's April 13th; yes, Friday the 13th and once again we got another 6" of everything dumped on us. Here on Peaks it wasn't too bad; mostly snow mixed with whatever else chose to come down on our heads--sleet, hail, rain, ice, generally it deserved just to be called "whatever".

At least today, the sun is shining, the "whatever" is melting and it's a beautiful post storm day in Maine. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same but then Sunday and Monday, we're due for a pretty strong Nor'easter. Let's just face it; it's too bloody soon to put the shovels and scrapers away just yet. Snivelers of the world UNITE!!! Ninio, Ninya, Pinta, Santa Maria; whatever "El" is upon us; enough is enough. It's time for some baseball, yard work and most of all it's time for some Golf!!!!!!!!!! Set my people free; we're slowly losing our sense of humor. Enjoy the sun for today at least; we'll snivel about tomorrow whenever it rolls around. Let's play some baseball tonight!!


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