Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jeesh, It's Cold

OK, enough already!! I was really only kidding when I said "Where's Winter".
We've been snow covered for a few weeks now and we've had a day or two that have been quite cold but this week is really cold. The temps dropped during the weekend and the wind really picked up late Saturday. Since then the wind chill temps have held pretty steady at around -20! Oh well, we could always be about twenty miles inland where it's been a steady -30 to -40; now that's cold. The temps have been manageable but it's been the bloody wind that gets to you. It just seems to come down off Mt. Washington, over Portland, across the Bay and slams right into our house. It just goes right through you down to your toes.
What the hell, we're New Englanders and if we didn't have something to snivel about, we wouldn't be New Englanders!! And, I was even reading an article yesterday about the cold temps in Hawaii!! Down to the mid 50's--bet there was a run on sweatpants at the local K-Mart!!!! Oh well, pitchers and catchers in two weeks; the sun is always shining somewhere, especially if some baseball is being played.

Now, a huge shout out to Josh for his stunning pictures of sea smoke he took recently. They are the best I've ever seen of a common winter's occurrence here along the coast of Maine. Absolutely, pay a visit to his site and enjoy our natural beauties. Today's pics pale in comparison but they'll give you a hint of what we all look like right now getting off the boat from Peaks. Of course our visitor Miss Gabby, is the smartest of us all, she just chills out in her own way of passing the Winter.


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