Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Peaks Summer Day

Well, the Island survived the annual 4th of July onslaught of Flatlanders, visitors, guests, relatives and all their accompanying pets, kids, bikes, kayaks et al. The lines of cars leaving the island on Sunday and Monday were consistently long but somehow, a strong dose of ice cream cones kept everyone in a pretty decent mood.

We're now into the slow descent to the ides of August when the last gasp of energy flows forth before everyone heads back into the coming school year. Right now are the best days of summer- long, warm, humid and downright lazy. The pace slows, the walks tend to meander more and the book pages turn just a little slower. The deck/porch chairs are more occupied in mid day and even the dogs just hang out a little more. These are the lazy days of Summer and it's about time. We all need a break from our hectic lives and this is it.

I enjoyed watching three young boys fishing off a dock late this morning. Enough of the i-pods, computer messaging and cell phone connections; it's time to fish from a dock with your dog close by. Some things never seem to change. I'm just lucky enough to live in a place where that still can be seen and experienced. Enjoy your own summer day!!


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