Monday, September 10, 2007

A Quiet Day

The days over the weekend of 90 degrees with matching humidity are behind us. Yesterday dawned a tad gray with a few showers throughout the day and temps in the mid 60's; a perfect day for watching the Patriots destroy the Jets; hell, destroying any sports team in New York is a good day!

Today was exactly the same with temps in the 60's, scattered showers, no sun with a little fog mixed in to sweeten the pot. It was a good day to get the bills paid, the bank accounts reconciled and a little reading done. Every time I was outside, I couldn't hear a single thing going on. No chain saws, no laughter, no radios, no nothing. Mid September has arrived and it is extremely enjoyable.

After dropping the bills off at the post office and exchanging the latest Peaks Island news (fast and wrong is my usual view of it), I took a ride around the backshore accompanied by a few pictures to try and capture the mood of the day. It was quiet with no walkers, no bikes and one car the entire trek. Just another peaceful day on Peaks Island.


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