Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What A Difference a Day Makes

It's Tuesday, the Labor Day Weekend has come to an end and once again, Peaks Island is breathing restfully. It really felt different last night as each boat leaving Peaks looked emptier and emptier. After the sun went down, the sounds of the crickets became extremely noticible. The roar of the silence was truly wonderful.

Walking to the early boat this morning heading for the golf course, the sky was a true deep cloudless blue, the sunshine was plentiful and there wasn't a single car sitting on Island Avenue waiting to leave the Island. The islanders getting on the boat were full of early morning chatter as they began to reunite with each other after a solid ten weeks of separation; the mood was definitely one of delight and relief.

I wanted to make it to the backshore tonight to catch a few pictures before the beautiful light deserted us for today. Obviously, I didn't make it. A good friend stopped by with her HUGE dog, aptly named Brutus, who I refer to as Mr. B, to visit our new puppy, Otis Waldo Tiffany. All I had time to capture were a few shots around the neighborhood. The light was perfect, the evening was perfect and the Island is perfect. Enjoy.


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