Monday, August 20, 2007

Tides Going Out Folks!!!!

Sean and Josh, this one's for you; just close your eyes and remember days gone by. On Saturday, the great outpouring of humanity from Peaks Island began in earnest. What a great and glorious annual event this is. I do believe by the end of the day the island had risen out of the sea by at least two inches. The best word I can think of that we year round islanders would apply to this day is simply "Relief" and a very large "Woooo Hoooo!!"

Tons of people hanging around eating, talking, sipping coffee, laughing and just plain waiting for the next car ferry to transport themselves and all their summer gear back to their winter homes. When I walked down to pick up my mail around 10:30 a.m., the line of cars was up Welch Street, around the corner, past the post office, past Hannigan's Market and all the way back to Plante's gas station; good grief. If you had gone into Hannigan's to do some shopping, your car was quickly engulfed by the line of waiting cars and you were flat out of luck for an hour or so. Oh well, the price of getting our island back; a small price to pay I say.

Frankly, I had expected this wonderous event to occur next weekend but with schools beginning earlier and the necessary shopping still needing to be done, the timing was just about right. I'm sure at the end of the day, the Who Let Out the Dogs Hot Dog Stand, Lisa's Coffee Shop, Hannigan's and the Corner Store had one of their best days of the season.

Enjoy the pictures of the great annual exodus; boy, I sure did!!


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