Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Daze of August

Moving towards late August on Peaks Island is always an adventure. Our visitors are doing their utter best to complete everything they set out to do back when school first let out and in the process running the rest of us over. All the islanders I've met in the past few days are about at the ends of their respective ropes; elbows out, jaws tightened and smiles lessened. Of course, in the midst of a crowded boat a familiar face is always worth a conversation; some things never change on the island.

Yet, now is the time flat out boredom finally sets in; the new is now old, the people you were so glad to see in July are now becoming tiresome and even the book reading is slowing down. What do we do in these times of boredom----pile, unpile and pile again rock upon rock in our own field of dreams of cairns. Each August, new statutes of stone go up, fall over, get rebuilt in new configurations and never fail to capture my attention.

Here's a few pictures of what I saw late this week on a beautiful evening. Nothing like some quiet time spent on the backshore to calm one's savage soul. Summer's in the waning process so might as well enjoy each of the remaining precious moments as best we can. The last picture is for you Sean from the front yard of course.


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