Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just Another Summer's Day

Summer's heat and humidity has descended upon us this week. The days are pretty hot and humid but it seems each day at 1pm, a fresh breeze rises from the southeast to save the day. I had to go uptown this afternoon to do some banking and fortunately the camera was with me. I managed to catch a couple of young girls taking their turn diving off the pier; trust me, screams from the cold water shortly followed!

I returned on the 7:15 boat and the light was pretty interesting. I arrived early for the boat so I wandered out onto the State Pier in Portland to see how the fishing was going and the blues are definitely starting to run. This boat is an interesting one since the rushed and harried commuters are long gone and people are just wandering back from a dinner out. The atmosphere is very relaxed with a lot of book reading and low key chatting going on while waiting for the boat. Enjoy the leisurely pace as we all returned to Peaks.


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