Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Exhale Everyone!!

Another season of Christmas hecticity (is that a word?) has been survived. The island has settled down considerably in the last twenty four hours and not a moment too soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful time spent with old friends and as many family members as possible.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve turkey pot luck dinner with a large number of friends crowded around a single table. Of course, the island lost its electricity that afternoon so panic set in on getting the turkey done but all was restored, the universe survived and the turkey was done just right. Many tales of island days and people gone by were told over wine and egg nog laced with Screech rum freshly imported from Newfoundland--admittedly, the tales got better as the Screech bottle got lower.

With Sean and Monika in Boulder and Josh and Heather in Providence, our Christmas day was a quiet one highlighted by a wonderful roast beef dinner prepared by our wonderfully talented cooking friend Caralen. Today's been spent recovering from the delivery of a tank of oil--good grief, it is getting noticably expensive to stay warm this winter. When is Spring coming????

I did manage to run some errands this afternoon dropping off an audio book and musical CD's at the Library and filling up the car with gas (might as well go totally broke!) before heading around the island. I did manage to get a few shots in as the light was fading. Lots and lots of covered boats in yards all over the island right now. It's definitely the quiet time of the island between now and late March and we badly need it though too many of us seem not to know it. Oh well, deep breaths and good books is my motto for this time of the year. Enjoy the post Christmas quiet and give your significant other a big hug to prepare for the new year.


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