Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yup, It's Snowing!!!

Slowly pulled myself out of a warm bed this morning a little before 9am. Very late for me but I'm certainly not going anywhere today so why not just roll over one more time. Snow started in the early morning and the wind and snowfall just seem to keep increasing by the hour. This is a good old fashioned Nor'Easter.
Temp seems to be sitting at just about 10 degrees and the wind right out of the northeast seems to be a solid 30-40 knot "breeze". This is supposed to be with us until Monday morning so the shoveling should be more than a little interesting. It's pretty cold on the surface for this amount of snow so the upper levels must be warmer. Allegedly, we may have a turn into some freezing rain, sleet and hail so as the day unfolds, we'll see what happens.

At least so far, the electricity has held since with the temps so low, the snow is really fluffy which means nothing comes down, like tree limbs, taking power lines with it. Hopefully, the storm will stay in this fluffy snow. Chaos will reign in southern Maine if the power goes out before the Patriots/Jets game is completed. We've all been really looking forward to this game since the great Spygate hoopla back in September. Rumor has it that a basketball scoreboard has been mounted at the Stadium so more than 100 points can be registered. In this weather I'll take a 7 point win and move on to the next game.

Here's some pictures from a little before noon so to the Hawaii clan, enjoy the pictures of what you're missing and remember fondly those snorkel jackets from your Bangor days. Survive the windchill temps of 82!!!


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