Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Greetings

It's hard to believe but December is upon us. The winds are really having at us today. It feels like they started right on the peak of Mt. Washington, flowed across the Bay and slammed into our house; it is indeed a cold, windy day. Temp's just about 20 degrees right now and the white caps are dancing under the sun's rays. The Bayline boats are still running but they're having a real hard time docking at Peaks.

Tonight's the annual Christmas carol sing plus the lighting of our own Peaks Island Christmas Tree; sure hope the wind dies down so the tree and carolers can remain upright.

In spite of the wind today, our weather's not been too bad. Just a week ago I came across the last couple of trees that still had some leaves intact and with the sun hitting them just right, it was definitely a golden aura. Well, as of today, those leaves are long gone and flying somewhere over Casco Bay. The shopping treks have begun and the Islanders catching the 10am boat uptown are pretty well wrapped up waiting for the boat. I do believe winter has arrived. The last golf outing took place this past Wednesday and my clubs are now safely tucked away after a thorough cleaning, resting and restoring their strength awaiting the first round next April---late March if we're really lucky.

Enjoy the change of seasons and let the reading and snoozing begin. Winter greetings to all!!


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