Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Maine Day!!

One of the things we discovered after moving to Maine back in 1972 was how beautiful it is in Maine the day after a bad storm. Well, the Nor'Easter we just went through was a bad storm. Only 8 inches of snow but then that was followed by another 2 inches of sleet which was then followed by some rain which was then followed by temperatures around 5 degrees. Welcome to the island of Hoth!! We were definitely ice bound and shoveling was virtually impossible. Since the supply of grenades was sold out at Hannigan's Market, we were forced to the age old method of picks and shovels and making big hunks of ice into little hunks of ice.

My back and shoulders still aren't recovered but the day after the storm when the sun reappeared was stunningly beautiful. Ice covered everything but it sure reflected well off of the sun's rays. We've always referred to these type of days as "Maine Days". They don't happen that often but when they do, the sky is crystal clear with a much deeper blue tint and the air has a definite snap to it. Special days indeed. Here's a couple of pictures from early in the morning of a definite Maine Day. Of course, Otis just sits and watches life go by; everyone has their own version of watching TV.

Of course we had two decently clear days but last night we went back into the pits of more snow which lasted about 24 hours. Oh well, just another 8-10 inches; what the hell. A white Christmas is a lock right now. There is no way all this snow will be gone over the weekend. Maybe I'll get out tomorrow and take the camera with me for some shots different than out the window or off the back deck. Even I'm getting bored with the same pictures under different conditions.


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