Saturday, September 15, 2007

September on the Bay

This past Thursday, I took the 11:15 am boat uptown to join a friend for some golf. Casco Bay was special. The light of the day was unusual; more like perfect. The sky was a deep blue with scattered clouds of puff accentuating the colors. The whites were whiter, the blues were truer and the reds were deeper.

Even the riders knew the day was a special one. People, deep in their individual thoughts, just stood by the railing to be as close as possible to the water as it passed by on our way into Portland. I took over twenty pictures which is truly unusual for me. I tend to not take many pictures but instead try to frame only those I think are a little special. On this trip, I just kept shooting the various forms of light that were passing by. Everything I looked at was special.

Maybe, it's just knowing this beautiful time of the year is so fleeting. We've already lost multiple hours of sunlight with the sun now setting over Portland's City Hall about 40 degrees south of it's setting over the middle of Little Diamond Island in early July. Even though the temperatures are still mild, we know what's coming. To be a part of a special day like this is made even more meaningful due to what we islanders know is next.
To have some fun with these pictures, move your mouse to any picture and give it a click and voila, you've magnified the picture about 4x. Move the slide bars around and enjoy creating your own image of this special day and place.


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