Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ode to Summer

Yes, it's Sunday evening of Labor Day Weekend. Seems like Memorial Day Weekend was two weeks ago with many days of rain in between. Well, tonight a group of islanders found some rocks to drop a barbecue grill on, set up some chairs and proceed to celebrate a quiet evening of eating, some singing and watching the moon rise out of the ocean at 7:36pm; stunningly beautiful.

I am always amazed at how bonded we islanders are. Maybe it's trying to survive the uber high costs of living here, the inconvenience of making boats, repairing stuff, finding a plumber, bringing a new refrigerator onto the island or surviving the long winters of wind and cold but they are indeed my family; whacky, but they're my whacky tribe. I can picture living in no other place. Enjoy some pics of where this gathering took place. Happy Labor Day to all; enjoy the sun while we have it!!


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