Monday, June 14, 2010

A Soft Day on Peaks

Nothing like a soft, June day on Peaks to slow one down. It's the last weekend before all the kids show up after the schools are done for the year. Now, that's when the energy level of the island moves up quite a few notches, the traffic increases and the bike riders and walkers are out in force.
But, for one day, the sky was overcast, the fog kept dropping in and out and there was even an occasional heavy mist. Indeed, it was a soft day on Peaks. A great time to just enjoy the lupin, the ever greening gardens and just time to exhale from a long week. Enjoy it while you can was my motto for the day. Enjoy the pics from around the yard and I do love those lupin; sure wish they would hang around a bit longer but maybe that's why they're so precious.


Anonymous Ann Stillwater said...

Hi Rob,

Were you on the GPM? 30th reunion is coming up. Findable on-line and there is a FB page for the GPM.

My apologies if you are not the Rob Tiffany I am seeking. And I am not sure how this "leaving-a-comment-on-a-blog" works.

I love Maine Islands and enjoy your blog pictures!



3/14/2016 8:14 PM  

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