Friday, February 26, 2010

Wild and Wooly Night on Peaks Island

We expected a fairly strong storm but we got more than that. With winds gusting to over 60mph right out of the northeast and about five inches of rain, the island definitely headed for cover. The strongest winds occurred right around midnight. We live on the western side of Peaks facing Portland so even though we were in the lee of the storm, I could still feel the house moving with every gust as I was trying to get to sleep. The covers did get pulled a tad higher last night.

After checking the house outside this morning and chasing down whatever had blown from its natural spot, I managed to make it to the backshore to see what the water was telling us. Even though it was about two hours past high tide, it was still churning and giving a clear message that there would be no sailing or fishing today. It was definitely a night that once again lets an islander know they're not in charge. Power's still out on quite a bit of the island, Portland and South Portland with many, many trees down everywhere. We've got offers out to quite a few poeple for hot showers and freezer space if needed. At least for today, the wind is down and there's been quite a bit of sun with fairly mild temps. On to tomorrow and we'll see what kind of weather is in store for us--again. Snow perhaps??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures! Hope everyone has power back. I also loved the ping pong blog. Great stuff!


2/28/2010 7:16 PM  

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