Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trap Game Time on Peaks Island

For anyone who's ever played any kind of sports at all, the "trap game" concept is well known. Your team looks forward beyond the easy next game to a more important one and voila, you get your doors blown off by a lesser team. Well folks, it's trap game time on Peaks Island. For the last week the days have been clear, the sun has been shining, the wind has finally died down, the doves have appeared in our yard, some color is working its way through the covering of leaves and seaweed on our flower beds and the temps have been in the balmy mid 40's. Spring must be a few weeks early is the island wide hope. Even this past weekend the roads contained a lot of daytrippers walking their way around the island.

The universal agreement in last Friday evening's discussions at the bar in the Inn was Nahhhh, don't believe it. Keep those shovels at the ready on your deck and don't fall into the trap. The longer we can hold on to the belief it's still March, the less the next descent of snow on our heads will wound our psychological mood. Believe it's Spring at your own risk. Yet, enjoy every walk in the sun, the high overhead deep blue skies and the gentle breeze blowing across the Bay. These are good days for walks to check the flotsam and jetsam thrown up by the recent storms and begin to see the early signs of the transition out of the depths of Winter. Enjoy the moment but don't let your guard down just yet.


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