Friday, September 10, 2010

Peaks Island Exhale

That first week following Labor Day Weekend is definitely a high holy week to me. All I want to do is lay down on my deck, soak up some sun, soak up the quiet of the day and reclaim the energy of a relaxed universe. As much as I enjoy seeing our summer residents return in the Spring, I'm equally happy to see a return to a more quiet Island right now.

I took a slow, meandering walk around the neighborhood the other night and tried to capture the very special light that falls on Peaks right before and after the sun sets. The Pacific may have that special "green explosion" moment when the sun goes down but we've got our own special light. On this night, the cloud cover right after sunset made for a very special evening; unique texture and colors for sure. Sure glad I had my little camera with me. Enjoy the pics of my favorite time of the year. I do love the cooler temps, the lower humidity and the roar of the quiet that settles upon this very special place we're lucky enough to call home.


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