Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Soft Day on Peaks

Yesterday's pure rainy day turned into today's "soft" day. It's just been a day of heavy mist with cool temperatures. Not dry enough to do very much outside but walk downfront to get the mail and just damp enough to give yourself permission to open a book in mid-day while under a warm quilt on the sofa. Not a bad day by anyone's definition.

I remember a few years ago we had about six straight weeks of sun and clear blue cloudless skies in the summer. The Island just ramped up more and more with each passing day. The term "frantic" crosses my mind remembering that period of time. The Island definitely needs a "soft" day now and again to just settle down and take a day off. Today was definitely that day. Not many people out and about but with no sun and a nice mist, the colors of spring really seemed brighter today.

Spring starts for me on March 1st; early of course but of extreme importance for my psychological well being. This is followed by watching the NCAA basketball tournament then the Masters Golf Tournament and then it's time to move outside. Of course, one walk around the property developing this year's listing of things to be done by the first snow of November is enough to bring on a hasty retreat to the couch for the Red Sox Opening Day game. Of course, this avoidance cannot continue much longer so today's "soft" day is truly a gift. For sure, today's peacefulness will be removed this weekend as the sun returns and the sounds of lawn mower engines engulf the Island. Right now Islanders have quit watching paint dry and we're all watching our grass grow--by the minute today. The brownish hue has given way to near total green and is growing about an inch an hour it seems. Oh well, just one more thing to put on the "to do" list for this weekend. Some time, a sunny day is not all it's made out to be. Enjoy a "soft" day when it comes along; we can all use the downtime, wherever we are.


Anonymous Al said...

Dear Rob--

Thanks for this wonderful Blog! It keeps me connected to my spiritual roots on the island!

5/05/2006 11:41 AM  

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