Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wet Saturday

Just another dreary, damp day in paradise. I've just returned from my morning trip to the post office and Hannigan's. At least I can now see what bills need paying while having some lunch. Many new cars on the Island this weekend so the silly season is starting to move over us. Lots and lots of people moving around under umbrellas and oilskins trying to stay dry; forget about it; just walk and become one with the dampness.

I made it to the back side of the Island and the ocean definitely didn't look springlike. It was pretty active and churning up quite a bit of loose kelp; good for everyone's garden and free for the picking. The winds were pretty stiff so the seagulls were just floating around gliding away without a lot of effort. The ducks were just hovering together riding the surf as close as possible to the shore and attempting to stay in the lee of the rocks.

A perfect day to crawl under a quilt with a good book. Or, you can sit by the window and just watch the grass grow. Since we're into our fourth day of rain with most likely three to go, it's time to bring in the goats and horses to try and stay even with it. We'll all be harvesting our yards come Thursday or Friday. Oh well, it's always something. Enjoy the day and Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms I know.


Anonymous Al said...

Well, Rob.... I am also performing the "rain zen thing" here in beautiful historic Harrisville! Becoming "one with the dampness," so to speak, and one with the slick skim of ice on the byways!

5/13/2006 4:50 PM  

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