Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coming Home on the 7:15 pm Boat

On Friday, Jill and I went uptown on the 3:45 boat. It was absolutely full of young people, many in costumes, headed for events around Portland celebrating the release of the last Harry Potter book. That boat simply levitated toward Portland with the energy level being so high. Both our sons mock me since I've seen none of the movies nor read any of the Harry Potter books; a true Luddite I am. With my love of books though, it was wonderful seeing so many young individuals totally engrossed in and eagerly awaiting the release of a book so they could read; read on kids and afterwards I hope you find other compelling storys to unravel as well.

We had a wonderful dinner with some old friends and returned to the Island on the 7:15 boat. The light at that time of the day is absolutely wonderful to take pictures with. It's sharp, clean and simply highlights the beauty we're so fortunate to live in. I just kept repointing the camera as we approached Peaks so enjoy the results and your weekends. Keep it up Sox!!!


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