Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Well, another storm passed through us last night. It is definitely winter in Maine right now. Allegedly, we're supposed to have nigh on a week of fair weather coming at us. Can't come soon enough for me. Three storms in a week is enough for my tired shoveling arms and back right now. With the ever increasing length of my arms I've been having trouble moving around since my new long arms get caught in the snow banks!!

Last night's storm just couldn't seem to make up its mind; snow, sleet, freezing rain and switching between one or the other every hour on the hour until it ended. Of course, once the storm completed its course, the temperatures dropped, the winds rose and once again, we're frozen solid. Hopefully at some point, the sun shall shine, the temperatures shall rise above freezing and we can get ready for the next storm coming through us.

I'm afraid I was tied to the computer today doing Peaks Island Council stuff trying to write a communications policy, fathom out a parking position to present to the developer of a nice shiny new $100 million harbor side project and figure out how to influence the budgeting process of Portland (ya, right!) so we can keep the mil rates down and all of us can stay in our houses for another year. Oh well, something to do in the winter months; might as well finally use that UConn political science degree somehow.

To those of the Hawaii Tiffany clan, my deepest regrets on last night's game against Georgia. Bigger, faster, stronger; pure and simple. They definitely now have motivation to get better next year, they got a nice check for making it into a BCS bowl, 5,000 Hawaiians got to have a great time in New Orleans and an entire state got the chance to support their culture through athletics----a helluva successful year is my take on it.

Since I didn't make it out to the street today, I only have one picture taken at sunset from our frozen, icy deck. Enjoy. I promise I'll do better soon.


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