Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beautiful Calm Before the Storm

It only happens for a couple of days each year but I just can't help myself. I have to take pictures of the "greening" of Peaks. No matter the length or harshness of the winter, every year the week before Memorial Day, the leaves of green reappear and our world changes from brown to green. By next week, we'll be used to it again and resume our hectic daily lives but for one or two short days, we just sit down and appreciate this yearly transition.

The shrubs are flowering, the tulips are awash in their brightness, the yard work is constant, the required painting is still undone, the peas and early lettuce are in and the rhubarb is flowering and best of all, it's still quiet time on Peaks. Of course, all this will end beginning Thursday when the first tide of annual visitors flood ashore on our little island for the Memorial Day Weekend. Since we live on the ocean and watch the tides come in and tides go out, tides of people are just one more facet of living in this beautiful location. We just have to remember to get our groceries packed away by Thursday so we can avoid traveling down front midst the weekend crowds. Party on people!! Enjoy the weekend and have a dog for me.


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