Monday, May 05, 2008

Spring--At Last!!!!!

Besides being flat out too busy to think about putting some words on paper, the late hold of winter just wasn't motivating me very much to do anything except read and watch the old telly. This was a verrrrrrry long winter but at last it's gone. The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, the basements on Peaks are finally drying out and for today, the Red Sox are in 1st place and the Celtics are moving on in the playoffs. It's a very good day.

We had a weekend of rain but today the shining sun greeted the new week as the workerbees sullenly shuffled toward the 7:15 boat into town this morning and the purr of lawnmowers wafted through the afternoon air; Spring has definitely arrived. The lobster pots are piling up nearer to the docks, the first sails of the year are taking place and early Spring painting and chores are taking place like the moving of a shed. Well, maybe not a shed but maybe Peaks Island's newest rental, three holer or our version of affordable housing!! May the sun continue for awhile, the rivers gently recede and the islanders emerge from their winter dens. Let the silly season begin!!


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