Monday, January 07, 2008

Who Stole Covey's Lobster Shack??

It is definitely January. For three days in a row we've been over the freezing mark and today we even snuck above the 40 degree line---woo hooooo!!! A nice, gentle meltdown has been going on; there is nothing like a classic January thaw to break the stranglehold of freezing temps. Spent some of this morning up on a ladder doing my pathetic best to clear out some of the ice dams on the roof so I don't get a nice water present down through the ceilings. I do love shoveling corn snow over my head. When do pitchers and catchers report?

Saturday evening we joined Josh and Heather uptown for a nice dinner. We've been trying for a couple of weeks to do this but trying to capture some free time without anyone being down with an illness has been difficult. Heading for the boat I noticed that Covey's Lobster Shack had disappeared from the boat landing. Seems like Covey's completely pulled all his traps and stored them on top of, around and next to his little building down on his dock. I just hope we don't get a fresh foot of snow; I'm not sure his old building could stand the weight. For sure, we are now in the midst of the quiet season on Peaks Island. Enjoy the peacefulness of these winter months.


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