Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Quiet of a Winter's Day on Peaks

We went into Portland last night on the 3:45pm boat for a dinner date with each other and the streets were empty, the sidewalks were empty and only a few people showed up for the boat. It is definitely February and the island is as empty as it gets. Many people have taken a few weeks vacation to visit friends or family in warmer parts of the nation.

Me, I just love the peace and quiet of this time of the year, especially when the sun is out, the sky is a deep, clear blue and the winds are down. So it was only 25 degrees; no big deal. Without the wind but with the sun, it was a good day. Here's a few shots taken while we were awaiting the boat. The weather's supposed to take a turn for the worse early this week but who cares, March and April are on the way. Above all else, it's Super Bowl Weekend and the Patriots are playing so we're all pretty happy. Survive the winter blahs.


Blogger Jeanne Sawtelle said...

Hi Rob,

I so love your pictures. It makes me feel as though I were back home.
I think that you can take a person away from the island but believe me
you can not take the island away from the person.

Thanks. Jeanne Sawtelle

2/04/2008 12:34 AM  

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