Sunday, June 08, 2008

First Summer Day

The first Summer day arrived this morning as very warm, humid air flowed in from the south. Mid day temperatures were around the mid 80's. Fortunately, on Peaks Island, we are surrounded by natural air conditioning called Casco Bay. With the Bay's temperature still barely over 50 degrees, the slightest breeze keeps us on the cool side. It's a rare Summer day that a breeze doesn't pick up like clockwork right around noon and today was no exception.

The boats were out in force today, the sun was shining and the clouds were just rolling along. A fine first Summer's day on the Island. The Casco Bay Line boats were full on every run. I know for I was sitting in my swing watching the Bay go by. What else is a swing overlooking the Bay good for on a nice, warm Sunday afternoon but keeping an eye on everything. Here's some more lupin pictures for you Ronnie. A huge shout out to Kayte who graduated from high school yesterday in Honolulu; way to go Kayte!!!! On to the University of Hawaii--Go Rainbow Warriors!


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