Monday, June 02, 2008

Welcome to June!

Saturday finally brought some much needed rain to Peaks Island. At long last, everyone could take a down day and recover from the Memorial Day Weekend hordes of walkers, bicyclists, strollers and golf carts clogging the island's roads. Nothing like a good book on a rainy day to settle one down and restore some order to the universe.

At long last my favorite wildflower, the lupin, has returned. For two short weeks the island is covered with these beautiful, free flowing purple, pink and white long stemmed flowering wildflowers. They are simply beautiful. Every year I wait until the early ones are getting nearer to blooming, dig a few up and move them around the property and let them run wild and do their thing. After so many years here, they are everywhere. Alas, it's only for a couple of weeks but while they're out, it's a sight to behold. Tonight was a crystal clear evening so I took my camera out for a few pics of the lupins. For my niece Ronnie in Hawaii, this blog's for you; enjoy your favorite Maine wildflower.


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