Sunday, April 05, 2009

Boat's In!

Almost nothing disturbs the natural rhythm of the island like an arriving boat from town. In the morning as I'm walking down Island Avenue heading for an early boat I've always enjoyed watching the people coming out of their houses and slowly generating a stream of individuals headed for the mainland for another day of work, shopping, school or any other activity. It always reminds me of a scene from the old 1940's movie "How Green Was My Valley" as the workers head out of their houses toward the coal mine's entrance. Just a steady stream of islanders headed down Island Avenue toward Welch Street and down the hill flowing onto the boat.

Of course, in the afternoon all is reversed and the flow moves back onto the Island just like the 13 hour tides we have twice each day; tides go out, tides come in; people go out, people come back. On a Saturday afternoon, when people return, you can almost see everything getting off the boat; groceries, plants, aging relatives, carts, carry-ons like guitars for an evening gathering. Just a touch of everything that's island life. No stunning pictures today, just a touch of our precious island life.


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