Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Still February on Peaks Island

Just another winter's day on Peaks Island. Another storm blew through last night and left us with one more mess to clean up. Living by the ocean in Maine brings very interesting storms on Peaks. Unlike the interior flatland, Peaks Island often has vast mixtures of moisture all within a single storm.

We started last night with rain followed by huge flakes of snow followed by sleet followed by more heavy wet snow followed by no electricity for a few hours followed by overall icing. What a fun event to scrape your shovel through all the layers trying to get a pathway cleared out before the temps drop below freezing and everything gets locked in. Oh well, at least for the current moment we're above freezing so the chipping can continue and some progress will be made.

It's almost March so we're just about into what I call the "grumpy" season. Cabin fever takes many forms on Peaks Island but one of the most common and repetitious is we love to argue with each other on almost any topic of interest to anyone at any given time. Sometimes, the discussions can be interesting but too often they just get tiring. I often think everyone should just go to their rooms, take a deep breath and enjoy the wondrous place we all live in. With the wet sticky snow, the trees, fences, buildings and anything in the way of the wind just catches the snow and makes for some attractive pictures today; enjoy, take a deep breath and await some warm rays of the sun. At least we can watch the Red Sox run around in circles under the palm trees! Hope is on the way.


Blogger Jamie said...

I love seeing your corner of the storm, as I didn't get out much today. You got it right: the grumpy season is upon us. I don't mind winter at all, so we can just be amused by those that do!

2/23/2009 10:21 PM  
Blogger peeps said...

Well, now I am less in love with winter. And the time change doesn't help! Sorry I have not been at Facebook or able to join all the causes and projects!

3/09/2009 10:15 PM  

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