Monday, December 29, 2008

A Beautiful Respite

What a wonderful day we had on Peaks today. The sky didn't have a cloud in it, the wind was absolutely nonexistent and the sun was crystal clear and warm!! Temps made it into the 40's, just a gorgeous day.

It took me about half a cup of coffee to reach the decision to take a boat ride, do some errands and just enjoy this mid winter's break. Nothing this good lasts for long in late December so utter care must be taken to enjoy the break and inhale as many deep breaths of life as one can. Of course, I took my little camera with me so here's a few shots of a beautiful winter's day on Peaks.
Of course, there's always a bit of humor on Peaks so it was interesting seeing a stranded golf cart emerging from its captive snowbank; can Spring be far behind??


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