Friday, January 16, 2009

-14 Degrees and Counting!

It sure got cold quickly around the Island this morning. Allegedly, Casco Bay waters keep us warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Frankly, the current weather pattern has me questioning that assumption. Woke up this morning to -14 yet the sun was shining so by mid morning we had crossed over into positive territory. Unfortunately, the wind picked up this afternoon right out of the west, straight down from Mount Washington, across Portland, across Casco Bay and slamming right into Peaks Island. I have not a clue what the wind chill reading is but I'm sure it's in the neighborhood of -25 or so.

Yet ten miles inland, the temps were running -20 and over in the western hills along the New Hampshire border I saw readings of -30 this morning. Now, I've been in -20 and that was plenty uncomfortable enough for me. Nothing like walking out the front door across your deck with the boards groaning and popping every step of the way and your lungs searching for oxygen as the cold wind just shuts everything down. Oh well, enough sniveling for today. Supposed to snow over the weekend so that means warmer temps at least. Here's a few shots from this morning taking a peek at some seasmoke. Some change from a beautiful sunset a couple of days ago. I'll admit I stole one picture from our local rag I thought captured the moment.

To my western family in Hawaii----quit laughing!! You are mightily missed on days like this.


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