Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quiet Time on Peaks Island

At long last, Peaks Island is able to emit a huge exhale of pent up energy after attempting futilely to have everything in its proper place for Christmas. Most of the guests have now left the island and maybe, just maybe there's still a minute amount of space appearing in the refrigerator for some more leftovers! It's now quiet time on Peaks Island.

After putting some very expensive gas in my vehicle at Plante's, I took a slow trek around the island and didn't encounter a single vehicle, just a few hearty individuals out walking their dogs. It was very relaxing to say the least. Anyone still having a few coins to rub together may well depart for some warmer clime in the coming days. For me, this is the absolute best part of the year on Peaks Island. We'll soon be down to the hearty hardcore gathered on Friday nights at the Inn on Peaks for a community gathering during Happy Hour with a pretty empty dining area since everyone is crammed into the bar making way too much noise with their bad jokes, erroneous rumors and way too much laughter.
Here's a few pics from my trek around the island. Enjoy the recovery period from Christmas and enjoy the quietude of winter. It is time to hibernate!


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