Saturday, May 09, 2009

A Soft Saturday

I always find it interesting that when walking the same loop with the dog every day, how many different things pop up from the day before you failed to see. There's something to be said for always keeping one's eyes open for new things to see at every turn.

Today is a soft day with just a small threat of potential rain, some sun shining through the low hanging clouds and the sound of lawn mowers flowing over the landscape. The grass has definitely chosen to grow rapidly this past week and the daisies have definitely taken over many lawns. We don't do a lot of fertilization here on Peaks since we're so close to Casco Bay and runoff is a definite issue so different colors than brown are everywhere.

It was fun seeing different sheds and backyards from different angles while making the rounds of my neighborhood. Nothing spectacular for pics today, just another view of my little neighborhood on Peaks Island.


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