Sunday, May 03, 2009

May Is In The Air!

At long last, it appears Spring has finally made its appearance on Peaks Island. I was walking our dog Otis right around sundown last night, the island was quiet, the April winds were gone and peace had descended on Peaks. It was a beautiful moment and I managed to catch a few pics at the lower end of my street.

Today dawned slightly cloudy but not a bad day. I love the sound of lawn mowing in the morning. It started early and hasn't stopped yet. I keep looking at my mower and the grass trying to make the ultimate decision to mow or not to mow; that is the definite question of the day. The relm of green is slowly returning. The grass is growing, the trees are lightly greening as the buds slowly explode into full blown leaves and it's a good Sunday on Peaks. Between the Red Sox in Tampa and Sunday afternoon golf with Tiger Woods, I feel definitely under the full blown threat of a nap attack. Enjoy these moments of quiet for the hordes will soon descend on us with their full blown checklists of things to accomplish.


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