Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Islander Tales from Inland

Today was a travel day. We left Boulder, headed north for Cheyenne, Wyoming, took a left hand turn and wended our way down I-80, which is really an updated Lincoln's Freedom Highway, crossed the continental divide and wound up in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Now, never having been in Wyoming, I really didn't know what to expect. I was hoping to see some of the Great Plains and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Nothing but prairie and huge sky in front of me. It was breathtakingly beautiful but I certainly wouldn't want to be here when the winds of winter come roaring down from the north. Steering our car down I-80 at a steady 75-80mph was also a new experience. Mini caravans of 4-6 cars constantly would pass me by like the wagon trains of old huddling together for some sense of security.

Rawlins, WY is a small town just about in the middle of the state. It may be small but it's the only town for many, many miles around. We stumbled into a diner for dinner and sat midst some 25 or so female high school volleyball players in town for a Saturday competition. They were having supper since they had a 175 mile bus ride to their home in Mountain View, WY. No wonder their sporting events are held on Saturday. It is indeed a different world out here. I loved the picture of the mini mall in one building which included a laundromat, ironing services, nails, massage and anything else that could be jammed into such a small space; sustainability takes many forms!!
Here's a few pics which feebly attempt to capture the expanse of the area. On to Utah tomorrow so don't know when I'll post again but hopefully soon. My "bucket list" is taking some serious hits right now.


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