Monday, October 19, 2009

So Long Summer!

With the passage of Columbus Day Weekend, calm has returned to Peaks Island. Brad's Bike Shop is still open but he's not there; just put some money into the coffee can and pick a bike. The Inn on Peaks is now closed on Monday's and Tuesday's and Family Night fare is now available on Wednesdays. The roads are clear and the sidewalks are pretty empty except around boat times.

The long winter's rest is about to begin. Over the weekend we had a nice nor'easter with pretty good winds and astronomical high tides but mostly only rain with only a few wet flakes coming down. Yet, with many of our trees still not in full color we didn't have a lot of leaves come down. Today is absolutely a gorgeous day. Boats are still being pulled with a lot of chain sawing, wood chipping, painting and dog walking going on. There is nothing like a Maine day after a storm. The blues are bluer and the air is so fresh it feels like you could cut it. Hopefully we'll be back in the 50's with sun for a few days. Enough of rain, wind and low 40's; way too early for that kind of day. Time for a last chance viewing of the Fall colors New England is famous for; there is no better place than our own backyard.

Here's a few pics of the newly found peacefulness on Peaks.


Blogger M Lathey said...

Love the blog! I just found it on Facebook- the Inn on Peaks posted a link. Such a special place. I cant wait go come back next year. Really enjoying the blog!

11/02/2009 9:41 AM  

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