Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Eve-Peaks Island Style

For many years now, New Year's Eve has simply been a quiet evening with a good movie and spending five minutes watching Times Square and being very thankful I'm not there. This year was a little different.

Some island friends planned a small gathering focused around a progressive evening of appetizers, entree and desert at three different homes. About fifteen islanders gathered at each location and spent a hearty four hours enjoying each other's company. Some people dropped out and some were added along the way but most made all three stops. At 11:40 we made off for Whaleback on the backshore and proceeded to celebrate the New Year Peaks Island style.

Steve Richard constructed his very own ball made out of island dingleberry, added some lights complete with its own battery, constructed a lengthy 2x4 complete with a hangman's attachment and pulley, raised it up and awaited the magic hour of midnight. Of course, being true islanders, everyone seemed to have a different time showing on their watches so at approximately midnight, the countdown began, the ball was lowered and a hearty cheer erupted to greet the New Year. A bottle of champagne was cracked and passed among the participants for a quick swig, an out of tune with made up different words for Auld Ang Syne was sung, many hugs and handshakes were exchanged and within five minutes everyone made a run for the warmth of their respective homes. It did represent the very best of the different life we lead on Peaks Island during the winter months. It certainly reminded me of the old television show "Northern Exposure". All we were missing was a catapult. There was a potatoe cannon in Steve's trunk but the potatoes seemed to have gone into the potatoe salad eaten during the evening so it remained unfired. Here's a few pics from a very special New Year's Eve. Best to all for the new decade. May it be a good one for you and yours.


Anonymous jess0531 said...

I absolutely loved your New Year's Eve Celebration. What a great idea. Reading your blog always makes me miss Peaks Island. My family and I only make it there in the summer, so for us, as of Jan. 1st we start counting down to our trip! Thanks for keeping up with your blog and all the pics. It is my connection to an Island that I love but only get to visit once a year!

1/02/2010 11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jess, thanks for your kind comments. Having Peaks as my only home for over 30 years has indeed been a special blessing. I'm glad to be able to maintain the connection for you.


1/03/2010 12:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fabulous evening. Missing Peaks right now...I always love to check your blog to get a glimpse of life on the Island the three seasons I am not there!

1/10/2010 8:54 PM  

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