Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Day Off

Sounds strange, but here it is the Tuesday before Christmas and I'm taking the day off! Every once in a while I just need some quiet time so off to the 10am boat I went with my only planned destination a stop for breakfast and some reading time.

Of course, the first stop on a cold winter's day trip into Portland is Lisa's Peaks Cafe for some damn good coffee and morning type conversation. Seems like quite a few islanders were headed into town to try and finish up their Christmas preparations and many empty grocery carts were being towed along as well. I'll admit it often takes awhile to know who you're talking with on a chilly morning what with all the headgear and wrap around scarfs hiding peoples faces. I'm always amazed at how many places on our boats one can store their grocery cart. Just another island tradition.
Portland was more than a little insane with too many people just stressed out. A little sad to see but I really enjoyed catching up on my reading and sitting with three other individuals in the noon showing of a movie I wanted to see before it departed. Yes, I plead guilty to doing whatever I can to avoid crowds. Can't say I didn't have a choice of seats.

Amazing how many of those empty carts going uptown were absolutely groaning under the weight of many many things coming back to the island. For me, I'm done with civilization until next week. A hearty Merry Christmas to all; may it be sane, enjoyable and spent with those special to you.


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