Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wet Tuesday

Yup, it's still raining. Frankly, I've lost count as to how many straight days of rain we've had. It'll easily wind up being over a week since this mess began. Yet, no sniveling is allowed!! Peaks Island stands right on the border between the systems. Sunday afternoon I looked north and saw some blue, bright sky near the horizon. Turned to the south and all I could see were storm clouds and rain. At least Peaks contains no major rivers, at least till this week and no dams. All we've got to complain about is our drenched psyche's and very damp basements. If there are any weak spots in a roof, this past week has definitely exploited it. Buckets have been definitely in order.

Still, people get on the boat to go to work, buy groceries, run errands and continue their lives. We're so much better off than the people south of us between Old Orchard Beach and just north of Boston and anywhere in southern New Hampshire. We will not be flooded out, our homes will not be ruined and we can walk to our homes and feel safe. For that we are thankful.

Yet, we are New Englanders and complain we will as we spit in the eye of the weather. We Mainers were not called the Land of Rude People for nothing by the first explorers up from the Bay Colony. Some things definitely don't change. Allegedly, two more days of this and then maybe we can begin the drying out process. Each and every year between the months of May and June, one of them is a washout and one is beautiful. I think we're ready for the "beautiful" one now. As one Islander said to me, it's time to forgo the Red Sox and go forth and gather up two of everything you can find. Sounds like words of wisdom to me. Stay dry!!


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