Thursday, January 03, 2008


Just like I said yesterday, it looks like we have a few clear days ahead of us and today indeed dawned sunny and clear. What I forgot to say was "Who left the Freezer door open?" It got really cold last night with strong winds right out of Canada pouring over us. This morning dawned with a hearty temperature reading of 2 degrees and with the strong northerly winds, our wind chill was about 20 below.

I can hear the Hawaiian clan guffawing all the way from the lagoon; know that for today you are all very badly missed. Let the New England sniveling begin!! Yet, I know I could never live without the beauty of a Maine winter. The peacefulness that comes over our little island in the snows of winter cannot be replaced. There's nothing like the falling of snow over Casco Bay to calm one's being. It definitely allows the contemplation of many inner things to progress. Living in a place with distinctly four seasons makes each one individually precious, especially as one looks forward to the next season.

Opening the back door this morning reminded me of scenes from Dr. Zhivago!! Nothing but beautiful crystals of ice magnifying the sun's rays. Took a couple of pictures trying to capture the cascading seasmoke but nothing captures it like Josh's shot from last winter. No better day than today to give it another showing; great picture Josh.

Lastly, a huge shoutout of the day to our grandniece Kayte who's been accepted to the University of Hawaii where she'll join our other grandniece Blaine who's finishing up her Junior year. Huge kudos and a great way to begin the new year. Well done Kayte!!!


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