Saturday, June 14, 2008

Peaks Island Boat Time

You can definitely tell when the summer season has arrived. Simply go down front and wait for a boat to come in. Of course, one has to stop and read the local bulletin board to see what's for sale, any houses for rent and what's going on around the island.

Other people are slowly meandering down to the waiting area and thinking about how to get in what type of line to get back on the boat and head back to the mainland. Once the boat is docked, off come the many out of state vehicles loaded down for bear both in, on top of and behind their vehicles; it's moving in time for the week or the summer. Then the hordes of people come off the boat, onto the ramp and up Welch Street lugging bags, grocery carts, dogs, kids, walkers and anything else that's got a pulse and can make it up the street.

Finally, the year round islanders come strolling off the boat once the hordes have departed. Somehow, we just do not like crowds of people. Let the flatlanders charge off and we'll eventually depart the boat usually talking with a fellow neighbor we haven't seen in a few days. Just another late Spring day on Peaks Island.


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