Thursday, July 03, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

It's early morning on July 3rd and there's not a lot stirring on Peaks Island----yet! By the afternoon, downfront will be packed with people shopping at Hannigans for those extra set of hot dogs and rolls, the ice cream line will be out the door and each arriving boat will offload another set of flatlanders arriving for the holiday weekend.

Yet, at 9am, all is still quiet on the island. Jill and a good friend are setting up the table to sell raffle tickets to benefit the Health Center and t-shirts for tomorrow's around the island Clam Shell family road race. A few hearty souls are taking in the sun while sipping their mugs of coffee outside of Lisa's; not too many lattes sold here and the beginning of the backshore is pretty quiet. By late morning, all this will change but for this moment, all is well on a quiet, peaceful Peaks Island.


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